Church and Ministry Consulting

Team and Personnel Dynamics

Tom holds a master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, but his real training on personnel and team dynamics came during his years as a Human Resource Director responsible for most of the U.S. ministry departments of Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru), in church experiences, and later in leadership with Ratio Christi.

He’s been directly involved with high-level personnel problem solving involving both ministry personnel and Senate staffers at the U.S. Capitol. He’s helped a local church walk through the searing pain of a youth minister’s felonious moral failure.

Those are the exceptional situations. More commonly there’s a staff team that’s not meeting its full potential, or a leader who’s making lesser — though still significant — mistakes, and who needs some re-direction.

These are tough situations for which few are fully equipped. Churches are sadly famous for going it alone into territories they’ve never walked before. (The way to do it is different in ministry than it is in business, by the way!) Tom has the experience to help.

Strategic Planning

Tom’s entire approach to speaking, writing, and indeed all ministry is strategic. It should be. For several years he was the Director of Strategic Processes for Campus Crusade for Christ (now Cru), serving on a team that reported to the ministry board of directors. He’s done strategic planning with groups as varied as the JESUS Film, Global Aid Network, Here’s Life Inner City, Josh McDowell Ministry, Stand To Reason, BreakPoint, and the C.S. Lewis Society. Later he served as Vice President for Strategic Services with the national campus ministry Ratio Christi.

Strategic planning is a serious undertaking; or it should be. It has a reputation for being a soon-forgotten exercise. Nevertheless it’s essential for any ministry or mission to have its sense of direction clearly in mind, as well as the major steps needing to go there. So it matters.